MPS represents an integral component in Copyrite System’s ManageRite proposition. It describes a framework of configurable client services that span the full transition lifecycle – Design, Delivery and Service.

Most commonly, new clients come to us with a desire to radically improve their current printing and reprographic capacity; typically made up of disparate legacy devices of varying age, function and location. Legacy assets acquired piecemeal over a protracted time period and which no longer provide the business with an efficient and cost effective service. A situation further complicated by expensive and patchy service level provision.

The ManageRite Design phase starts with a Discovery stage where we capture a comprehensive ‘old solution’ audit of the current system and the client’s ‘new solution’ business requirements. With no impact on ‘business as usual’ operations, Copyrite Systems installs a device agent on the client’s network that provides a full audit of print asset information and print throughputs. This information helps us analyse bottlenecks, device redundancy and understand business volumes, so that we can design a solution that directly addresses the client’s requirements.

We work closely with our clients during the Analysis and Design stage by providing a logical ‘new solution’ system design. This means that before any significant investment has taken place we can test a simulation of the ‘new solution’, tweaking and de-snagging as we go. These activities enable us to accurately lockdown future service cost models and plan Proofs of Concept pilot implementations, as required.

Copyrite Systems’ proven approach to MPS means that its clients quickly transition to robust, ManageRite service arrangements, allowing the client to focus on their core activities.


  • Significantly reduced costs (running costs and capital spend)
  • Better, more intuitive end user experience
  • Increased service availability
  • Better whole life asset planning and control
  • Reduced wastage and greater compliance with environmental standards
  • Reduced IT overheads and stronger security

We achieve this by providing our clients with a scalable, managed print service solution called ManageRite.