Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) technology supersedes tried and trusted presentation tools like flipcharts and PowerPoint presentations, when participants were physically present at the same meeting.

IFP marks a shift away from one way, ‘broadcast’ meeting communication, enabling participants to collaborate creatively, connecting up from remote locations through netbooks, smartphones and tablets.

Copyrite Systems works with its partnership of leading technology providers and solution vendors to support and mentor its clients in the effective implementation and usage of IFP technologies.

In summary, IFP technology improves the ability to work together in a collaborative, creative way, engaging in dynamic problem-solving, in a real-time and virtual environment. Meeting outputs can then be printed or emailed directly from the IFP.

IFP has the following business benefits:

  • Increased engagement among meeting participants – colleagues can engage one another more elaborately when discussing a project plan or solving a business problem.
  • Enhanced collaboration – better cross-team collaboration brings more unique ideas to the table, inspires new direction and increases productivity.
  • Allows for effective annotation of documents – using IFP you can make persistent and elaborate changes to files during a presentation, which improves communication and makes updating information easier. IFPs seamlessly integrate with all leading office software applications such as Microsoft 365.
  • Allows for interconnectivity with mobile devices – use of IFPs is not only limited to computers that are connected to video-conferencing system Users can connect the panels to Android and iOS smart devices. It only requires one to download a single application that will facilitate compatibility.

The i3TOUCH EX delivers stunning performance with our best multi-touch, high-precision IR technology giving you a natural and precise writing experience.

Impress with strong craftsmanship

We crafted the i3TOUCH EX from the finest materials. The ultra-slim bezel and aluminium accents along with the sturdy craftsmanship create a pleasing high-end aesthetic.

Captivating image quality

Capture attention with hyperdetailed 4K images. Rest assured everyone is viewing the content the same way with the anti-glare glass and optimized viewing angle.

Where did I put my pen?

Never lose a pen again thanks to the integrated magnetic pen holders.

Connecting is a breeze!

Connect all the latest devices to the screen with a USB-C cable. Just one cable for audio, video, power and touch.

Write naturally

A natural writing experience is one of our top priorities. Thanks to the zero air gap technology we were able to achieve a pen-to-paper feeling. Of course we incorporated an eraser and writing side to the pen for convenient, intuitive writing.

Friendly for the environment and your wallet

The eco-friendly design comes with an extremely low power consumption, resulting in a A+ Energy label.

The combination of a motion and light sensor will optimize your viewing experience to all lighting conditions and keep energy consumption balanced.