Project Description

Exemplifying its strong service ethos and commitment to clients, Copyrite Systems worked closely with Churchtown Primary School users to deliver significant document management improvements: demonstrable cost control improvements, significant productivity gains, better environmental standards compliance and complete data security.

The Problem

Churchtown Primary School is one of the UK’s largest primary schools. It is situated in Southport, Merseyside close to the centre of the old village of Churchtown near St. Cuthbert’s Church and borders onto the Botanic gardens. It a progressive school whose buildings and outdoor environment epitomise its ambition to provide its pupils with the latest thinking in information technology, playground design and classroom layouts.

The school approached Copyrite Systems to help it resolve its print management issues. Their existing print estate was made up of ageing and ad hoc desktop equipment that was expensive to run and maintain. We worked with the school to describe and quantify the following business objectives:

  • To increase user capability and productivity
  • To resolve recurring printer maintenance issues
  • To manage what users print
  • To reduce overall printer running costs

The Solution

Without impacting normal school operations, Copyrite Systems installed a device agent on the school’s network that captured a full audit of print asset information and print throughputs. This indicated that a significant number of the school’s devices were functionally redundant, and that the school’s requirements could be more efficiently served through the strategic placement of Ricoh A4 multi-function devices (MFD’s), and the installation of larger Ricoh A3 MFD’s in key areas.

These new devices enabled school users to significantly improve their copy, print and scan capabilities. Copyrite Systems also installed Equitrac print management
software across the school’s print network, resulting in the elimination of wastage, better control of colour output, and the provision of asset management information and reporting. It also enabled users to pick up print jobs from any of the linked, networked devices.

Copyrite Systems was able to significantly improve the school’s standards accreditation compliance through the deployment of highly environmentally friendly devices, achieved through reduced waste, the use of emulsion aggregate toners, heat efficient users and LED scanners.

Key Business Benefits

  • Cost Management and Control: Faster, more efficient devices resulted in lower cost per page for both colour and mono printing. The introduction of print
    management software (Equitrac) reduced waste and unnecessary colour prints.
  • Productivity and Availability: With an automated break-fix service, the IT department was relieved of printerrelated issues, allowing them to focus on what really matters to the school.
  • The new devices and pull-printing software virtually eliminated downtime ensuring optimal staff and pupil productivity.
  • Through strategic placement of devices throughout the school, users have access to available equipment.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The new Ricoh devices have helped Churchtown Primary achieve a sustainable print and copy environment by deploying energy efficient products that significantly reduce waste.
  • Security and Compliance: Secure pullprinting allows Churchtown Primary to reduce waste from uncollected prints and allow for confidential document
    collection – safely, securely, anytime and anywhere.

Download Churchtown Primary case study as a PDF file



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