Copyrite System’s ManageRite proposition represents a client services framework that can be readily aligned to meet your precise business requirements.

    We pride ourselves on our quality standards, both with regard to the management of specific clients and the entirety of the Copyrite Systems operational model. This is why we are proud members of NAPPS, the certification body for the UK Document Management and Managed Print Service industry.

    As illustrated below, our ManageRite is comprised of three broad phases – Design, Delivery and Service – each of which being further subdivided into five stages, with each stage containing a discrete number of components or steps.

    ManageRite: Design



    Comprehensive ‘before image’ audit of the current system and the client’s new solution business requirements.

    • Stage Kick Off Meeting
    • Asset location audit
    • Networking mapping
    • Key stakeholder requirements capture
    • Current costings analysis
    • Future performance levels (i.e. SLAs, environmental targets etc.)
    • Premises access protocols
    • Premises access protocols
    • Implementation / roll out constraints
    • Optional Post Stage Review

    Analysis & Design

    The creation of a logical ‘after image’ system design including cost models and Proofs of Concept pilot implementations

    • Stage Kick Off Meeting
    • Analysis and logical design creation
    • Benefits realisation (cost, quality, operations, and policy compliance) demonstration
    • Proposal review and sign off
    • Optional Post Stage Review

    Evaluation & Testing

    The creation of a logical ‘after image’ system design including cost models and Proofs of Concept pilot implementations

    • Stage Kick Off Meeting
    • Proof of Concept
    • Solution refinement
    • Stakeholder communications
    • Implementation project planning
    • Optional Post Stage Review

    ManageRite: Deliver


    Implementation & User Acceptance Testing

    • Stage Kick Off Meeting
    • Implementation
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Post implementation sign off
    • Optional Post Stage Review

    ManageRite: Service


    Ongoing Service

    • Transition to Service Kick Off Meeting
    • Service Management Reporting
    • Quarterly service reviews monitoring SLA / KPI and trend analysis, issue monitoring and new requirements
    • Continuous service improvement and benchmarking

    Please also see the Tiered ManageRite Services.

    ManageRite Business Benefits
    • Potential cost saving of up to 30% on printing costs
    • Reduction in paper wastage - around 17% of printed paper is wasted in the workplace
    • Deployment energy-efficient multifunctional printers
    • Relocation of the most efficient machines to the most demanding departments
    • Replacement one-per-workstation printers with workgroup printers
    • Consolidation of the number of printers and supplies to reduce overheads
    • Smart, remote printer monitoring frees up office staff time for more vital tasks
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